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    Need help hp pavilion power desktop

    Hi. I bought hp pavilion power desktop u can search up using serial number 4CE801303Y. my motherboard fried. And I asked hp for part they said almost 400$ when entire pc costed like 1k$. Anyways all rest of my pc parts are perfect. Gpu, ram,hdd,cd state , psu,intel core.Now I don’t want to pay...
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    Booting up new PC

    I am going to build my first PC, and I have done my research and found my parts. Now I did research on what to do once I built my PC, but I am a little confused as I am a newbie. So is this correct: Once my PC is built, I will input a usb with a copy of windows in it. Then I turn on the PC, and...
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    New MOBO, CPU, and RAM, no power! (Noob)

    I have decided to switch my old MOBO, CPU and RAM out for some new ones. When I plugged the basics in my MOBO's LEDs light up and glow and when I hit the power button it flickers from blue to green, then resets to blue. It has passed the paper clip test and the fans turn on, but whenever I hit...