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    Building new pc

    Hey, I'm trying to assemble a new desktop computer, and I'm a beginner. I have collected all kinds of components. I was ofcourse looking for a high-performance pc capable of running the newest games on highest quality aswell as smooth video editing etc. Now I'm not really sure wether the...
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    Pc Building

    Okay, so i'm looking to build a PC. These are the parts i have found and i was wandering would these work together to make it functional and working? or what else will i need to add? - psu - case...
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    Solved Upgrading and need advice on cloning old drive

    I am replacing the guts on my computer and would like to keep my current operating system ect. Is it possible to backup my hard drive and just reinstall it to the new setup or do I have to start all over and purchase a new Windows 10 OS?? This is what I have: My computer has the following...
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    Is this a complete high-end gaming pc?

    Im kinda new to this, thats why Im here today. So do I have everything I need? And did I even choose right? (The price is in Swedish crowns)