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    Difficulties burning DRM-protected Apple Music to CD

    Hello all of you! I am burning a few CD mixes for my BFF as part of her Christmas gift. I've just synced my Apple Music playlists to a computer and inserted a blank CD-R. When I click under File>Burn Playlist to Disk the burning process seems to start, then I get a prompt saying my files are...
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    disc burning

    whenever i insert a disc into my pc the audio files show "files ready to be written to disc".what should do i do and how to fix this without deleting files in the disc?
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    Copying *.MOV files

    I have an issue trying to burn video files (*.MOV) to a disk which conceptually seems pretty simple - like copying files from one place to another. When I burn the files, however, they appear to be copied but they don't replay correctly on the same frigging machine with the same replaying...
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    iTunes: Transfer of track titles when burning CD

    Help, another problem with iTunes and burning CDs. I'm making compilation CD's from my CD collection, and have downloaded the whole collection into iTunes. The problem I've encountered is that sometimes when I burn a playlist I've made, the track listing of the individual songs on the burnt CD...
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    Burning music in iTunes library to CD

    Help anybody? My operating system is Windows 10 and I am using the latest iTunes version, 12.3.2; the problem I've encountered is that with some CDs, when I download them into iTunes and call up the downloaded file, only one or two of the tracks are shown in black whilst the rest are greyed...