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  1. E

    External Hard Drive for Business use

    I am looking for an external hard drive large enough for multiple computers (approx 10) majority of the stuff will be text documents. i need something that can last at least 5 years, hook up to a printer for scanning, and has password restriction options. i have heard the WD 12tb my book duo...
  2. T

    Life Stinks

    Hi Good People of TSG Forum, Thank you in advance. I have been posting my questions on the tech forums side of TSG but then I came across this "coffee shop" forum and I am hoping to approach the issues I am facing maybe we all are facing from another perspective. Child of the 80s-90s, 37...
  3. Antwish

    Best internet provider for a small business to use in theU.K

    What internet provider would you say is the best company to use for a company who is doing most if not all their business on line? I am a start-up and we will have about three or four computers running at once and I need access to the internet to be perfect all day as we will be using it...
  4. I

    Setting up a microsoft account with existing domain

    Hi, I'm attempting to set up a Microsoft Business Essentials account for a client. I've done this many times before but this time I have come to a road bump. The business name is taken. But this is at the 1st step where it is trying to set it up as [email protected] (see screenshot...