1. J

    Setting up MS Intune/Auto Pilot

    Hi all, first time really posting in a question forum and I really hope this is the right spot to post. Im an IT help desk worker with just 2 employees including myself and my manager in the department. Still fairly new to this field so I'm learning a lot as I go. So here's the rundown. Our...
  2. S

    Certificate for wiping business drives

    Hi, My friend is having a load of PCs recycled from his company, I asked if I could have them and he said no because he needs a company to give him an official certificate to prove that the hard drives and sensitive data from the PCs has been wiped. What is such a certificate called and do you...
  3. K

    Magento or Shopify

    I'd like to start a small business website to sell clothes. It will be approximately 7000 SKUs, some custom functionality, and several extensions. I don't know what platform to choose: Magento or Shopify?
  4. K

    E-commerce question: "Buy Now" button

    do you need a "Buy Now" button at your store? I have some doubts that it's still popular... What do you think?
  5. C

    Creating a Manual 2 line phone system

    I run a small office for administration of businesses, the office has 3 separate rooms; one for the Receptionist another for the Secretary and the third office for the administrator himself. As the IT guy I would like to setup a 2 line office phone for my office where the receptionist picks...
  6. C

    Buy Desktop Tower for Business

    My families business currently has 3 desktop computer (all have 2 new monitors). I am not happy with how they're running, we keep on having issues with them running slow, printers not connecting properly and other little things. I am just wanting to update the towers and need recommendations on...
  7. jordanbrown0101

    Fake Window project

    Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting this thread to help me figure this out! I am currently creating an innovative home design system that will significantly upgrade any home and increase its value. This may seem a little far-fetched but I am still figuring out the details: Imagine 9 LED SMART...
  8. R

    Microsoft Access - Link master and child fields

    Hi guys, In my system to keep data consistent between switching tabs, I have a textbox I call. To populate a subform with the current record I link master fields 'txtMaterial' and this works. It populates the material number correctly from the corresponding record. However, I have 3 primary...
  9. R

    Microsoft Access Tabbed forms

    Hi there, when I use the following code to show/hide tabs before and after update it works - but only when it's the main form. Private Sub Job_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer) If Me.Job = "2" Then Me.Parent.Page21.Visible = True Else Me.Parent.Page21.Visible = False End If...
  10. Soaper79

    In Progress LinkedIn,Facebook,Microsoft,Email Hacked + asuss06 problem+

    I received emails from LinkedIn, Facebook. Microsoft to update either just my password or password and user id both, just click the link. Went to LinkedIn and verified my information and asked them about what had happened, they emailed me and said there was suspicious activity concerning my...
  11. Dannny1000

    Solved Recommended upgrades for a laptop

    So about a week before Christmas i bought a "gaming" laptop for 250.00 on amazon. I know, stupid decision. It all look fine and dandy when it arrived on the 30th and worked great until i decided to download some games from my steam library. Obviously, Skyrim would be the first download i made...
  12. T

    Life Stinks

    Hi Good People of TSG Forum, Thank you in advance. I have been posting my questions on the tech forums side of TSG but then I came across this "coffee shop" forum and I am hoping to approach the issues I am facing maybe we all are facing from another perspective. Child of the 80s-90s, 37...
  13. J

    I own a domain for a website, how do i use it?

    I own my own domain for a business however i wanted to build my own website but not use these free website builders does anyone know how to make a website from scratch and also how do i then use the domain with the website that i have designed?
  14. R

    4G Mobile Hotspot for Business

    Hello. I have a small medical practice and I am moving into a new office location this week. We will not have our final internet connection until three weeks out. I was wondering if I could power the business using a Verizon Hotspot. We would have six laptops and six cell phones running at...
  15. C

    Inter(net)nship project (lots of issues to fix)

    Hello guys, For to explain what is my problem I think its best to explain the whole situation. Im currently in a internship in a small-medium company and they assigned me to fix some issues with their internet, they told to do what i can, but I should not worry if I say i cant do it. I...
  16. Q

    Set-up Vertical Justification in 'Custom' Invoice Template

    Quick Timeline: Roughly a year ago - Invoice2go included templates that could be highly customised. From then to now - VERY-LONG-AND-OFTEN-FRUSTRATING-DECISION-MAKING-PROCESS Instant Invoicing + Mobile Money = Prompt Payment + Buoyant Business - pretty logical, unless you're a dedicated...
  17. R

    IP Phone Network Setup

    I have just recently been given a free Mitel 5312 IP Phone from a friend of mine that had an extra one from his business. I want to utilize it with my new home office. However, I'm having some issues getting it setup. Here is what I ideally wanted the setup to be due to the location of my...