1. cwwozniak

    Solved Wishlist: Jump to top of page button

    I have been on some other sites that place a small floating button in the browser window that allows the visitor to jump to the top of the page no matter where they are on the page. As an example, the Yahoo mail button is a light blue with a white up-arrow in it and a white horizontal bar...
  2. JohnCross

    Dell Optiplex 740: Power switch Green flash

    I'm trying to find a definitive, possible/likely cause for the following scenario: Power outage a few days ago due to hurricane (no voltage spikes or any other apparent, similar issues) - Power restored, everything normal - Hit power switch on PC: Nothing but flashing Green. - No Amber - No...
  3. Z

    Broken power / volume buttons

    Hello, I own a Motorola E4 Plus and the power / volume buttons are broken. Due to this, I cannot power on my phone. The phone is completely charged and the screen works too. I have tried adb & fastboot but my device is not being recognised by my PC. Is there any way for me to power on my...
  4. E

    Solved Strange button on top of PC

    https://imgur.com/DTeGsmz Above is the best photo I could take of what appears to be an incomplete circle on top of the PC. I was wondering if anyone knows what it is?