c drive problem

  1. S

    Is a dynamic disk bad for a regular computer?

    I'm bad with computers/computer terms, so I hope this is understandable. I accidentally made my disk 1 (disk with my C: drive) into a dynamic disk while trying to add my unallocated space (deleted D:, from another disk) to my C: drive. From what I've seen, there's no way to change it back...
  2. igloo.coolguy

    C: Drive FULL message

    Hi all, I got a message "C: Drive full" while downloading. Then, I deleted some software to get 4 GB of space. I checked in Google and increased C: partition to 150 GB from 100 GB. Also, I "Disabled" Windows Updates to prevent this from reoccurring (with MSGs to switch ON Windows Updates). I...