cable box

  1. AlwaysBrian

    Solved DOCSIS DSG Filters over Tunnels?

    Hello and thanks for reading. During a 7 month long period from 2017/2018 I found an odd page on the Diagnostics menu from my Cox Communications set top box (STB). On a page set aside for 'DSG' filters, each with an assigned "Tunnel ID, application ID, MAC, Ports, Destination IP and Source...
  2. G

    Setup router w/ only Coaxial outlet

    Hi, I need to setup my router (Apple Time Capsule) in an apartment room. The room has no ethernet outlets, but does have 2 coaxial outlets. I'm using one for my cable box, the other unused. Is there a way to either convert coaxial to ethernet, or set up my cable box as some sort of modem that...
  3. K

    Cable box?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong area. Please move if needed. My cable company will be going full digital in the coming months and they are saying that I will need to get one of their mini cable box's at a price of $3 a month. I don't want to pay even more for the same service I have right now...