cable not connected

  1. Ferlicio

    Network cycling between identifying/net cable not connected

    I had a network that had a router plugged in the modem and from that router, I connected my PC. I tried to connect a new router between this original first router so I could have a better connection on wifi with other devices where my PC is. Problem is, it had problems with the first router...
  2. D

    Solved Monitor “Cable not Connected”

    I run a dual monitor setup and recently while playing a game my second monitor shut off and gave me the “cable not connected” message. It is plugged in hdmi to hdmi in my graphics card but says cable is not connected. I tested the cable with my first monitor and it works so idk if it’s the hdmi...
  3. I

    Hardware problem

    Hii sir, my computer is not starting instead it is displaying "cable not connected" and even i have replaced the display cable with the new one but no use at all. Can u please help me to solve this problem?
  4. MunePin

    Solved Unknown cable in my PC

    Hello! So I built my first PC a while back and there's this one cable that I can't seem to connect anywhere. I believe it is for the fan on the front of my case, but I'm not entirely certain. I've attached a picture of said cable and I'm wondering if anyone knows where cables like this are...
  5. D

    Solved New monitor to laptop

    Hello, my laptop's screen broke so I bought a new Monitor. The problem is that the monitor is pretty old (Acer X193HQ May 2009). Although I checked the monitor in my laptop when I bought it and was working fine. When I used my vga cable back home, by the time the windows logo appears then the...