1. lilsiggg

    Freeing Up Storage On Macbook Pro

    I have a 121 GB capacity on my Macbook Pro, but apparently, I only have 35 GB remaining. I have deleted all applications and files I feel comfortable with, but I am uncertain about what to delete in the "Other" category. "Other" is consuming 44 GB, but I am not sure what I can safely delete in...
  2. R

    Temporary Items folders

    I have been working on a word document which I genuinely believe I save correctly however... I no cannot find the document. I first open word > recent and the document was there but was saved in a folder that said: >> var >> folder >> p7 >> (big long number) >> T >> >>...
  3. B

    How to use resources when connection lost to main office

    Hi, I don't have a networking background but I am responsible for coming up with a solution so any help is much appreciated. I have a main office that is networked and another local office that is networked and also connects to the main office which has the DNS server. Now what happened was...
  4. O

    Question about email and caches

    Hello, Have a question about a recent event. I used a site where I had to submit some information on a form and they provided some information back They also asked me to type in a phone number in a box that had a lock by it. It was supposed to be safe and would require anyone to login to...