1. E

    Excel - Transposing Daily Dates into a Weekly Schedule

    Hi All, I have plotted dates manually on a daily calendar in Excel. Top two rows have the day and weeks (wk 1,wk 2,wk 3...) Second calendar is by week - WE date and weeks (wk1, wk2, wk3...) Commonality is the weeks. Q1. Can I automate the manual dates input if it's multiple date in a row...
  2. J

    Desktop calendar

    Its great how you can get all your calendars to sync into one via mobile apps, but was is there that will do the same for desktop? I want one place that syncs all of my calendars that is on desktop. Any ideas please?
  3. T

    Outlook Calendar in Office 2007 Hanging

    Hi My Calendar in Outlook (Office 2007, Windows 10) is hanging when I try to open it, only response is the egg timer and outlook hangs and then crashes. Would be grateful for any help.
  4. R

    Jewish/Hebrew calendar reminders

    Hi, Does anyone know how to set up reminders on Microsoft Outlook 2016 based on the Hebrew date as opposed to the Gregorian one (e.g. remind me every Tamuz the 3rd not July the 3rd) . This was available on previous versions of Outlook. I already have the Hebrew calendar added, and it shows all...
  5. R

    Cannot Import Google Takeout Export into Google Calendar

    Hello all! I am trying to move a complete Google Calendar from one GSuite account to another. I have tried exporting using the calendar export option as well as using Takeout, but no matter what I use, when I go into the other account (all tried in multiple browsers, incognito, with VPNs, etc.)...
  6. effingpot

    Outlook 2010 Calendar on twp PCs

    Hi there, I have Outlook 2010 on my home PC and my laptop and use my own IMAP server. For emails it all works fine on both PCs as well as my phone and tablet. Emails all sync and I can make any changes on any device and all is good. However, I have not found a way for the calendar to do the...
  7. J

    Echo and Samsung S Planner

    I use Samsung's S Planner calendar app. I have now purchased an Amazon Echo. The Echo can read a Gooogle calendar so I created a Google calendar account and linked the Samsung S Planner to it; then linked the Echo to it the Google calendar. The Samsung S Planner's events can all be physically...
  8. S

    Excel 2013 - Help/advice on creating macro to send mail

    Hello all, Am hoping someone may be able to help me with a task I am trying to complete. I have a work book that I need to edit on a daily basis, and I ideally want to be able to send an email to specific email address when a date is input. I have attached a copy of the workbook for perusal...
  9. Y

    Who has viewed my Outlook calendar

    Is it possible to tell who has been viewing my Outlook calendar?
  10. dakotamcc

    Solved Automate Calendar to Update Excel Sheet

    Background: We have a weekly meeting that we all sit around and dish out our schedules and manually input them into a master excel sheet. This is inconvenient, time consuming, and inefficient. We would like to automate the process. What we need: Outlook Calendars (7 in total) -> Master Excel...
  11. I

    Need help on creating a calendaring database

    Hi All! I'm very much a novice to programming but I can understand some of the basics. I'm looking to develop a program or database for my company that will function as a calendar. We are a court reporting firm and so far have been using Outlook's calendar as our digital calendar.. but we need...
  12. Bryan84

    Any free Google Calendar to Outlook Calendar solution?

    Any free Google Calendar to Outlook Calendar solution? I do not have admin access to my desktop, so I cannot even use freeware. Probably those portable version. I cannot believe till date, there's no easy way to just sync these two calendars? Google and Microsoft sure don't like each other eh?
  13. P

    Excel-Outlook Calendar True Sync

    Hey. First time posting and I couldn't find a definitive answer from searching through the forums... I've seen many ways to export dates from an excel spreadsheet as outlook calendar appointments both using VBA and just the manual export feature. However, before I search myself into oblivion...
  14. O

    Universal Calendar in Outlook

    I have been trying to find a way to combine multiple calendars, into a separate universal calendar. Currently we have a room booking system in outlook for meetings, along with calendars for birthdays, facilities etc. What would be ideal is to have the calendars set up, so that when an...
  15. J

    Software for calendar-based project management

    I have a real estate client that is looking to automate a task where she manually enters the event dates for new clients. The process is, 1) client joines, 2) add days from join date, 3) Populate the dates manually. Does anyone know of software that would connect to either Google Calendar (or...