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    Live View not streaming my camera at

    This problem occurred suddenly after Thanksgiving and I've been trying to correct it since, without success. The problem: When I go to I cannot view the cameras in "Live View". Live View is the option that live streams my personal cameras. The camera view is black with a...
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    Camera not working

    i am using lenovo ideapad 100 ,os- windows 8.1 pro,when i open camera it shows me that "to get started connect a camera" ....when i bought the laptop the cam was working but after changing os to windows 10 and again to windows 8.1 pro , i continuously see this message.... on internet i saw the...
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    audio playing and recording not working

    so today i got a new face cam, plugged it in, installed the software and it was working well. i got back to my pc a few hours later and now i cant hear any sound or record any with my michrophone. Didnt do anything on my pc in between installing the drivers and getting back on later. So to sum...