1. L

    S10+ Whatsapp camera issue

    Hey everyone. Am I the only one finding that Whatsapp on the S10+ opens the wide angle camera by default? When tapping the in-chat camera icon, it automatically picks the wide angle back camera. I can only switch between the regular front camera and the wide angle back camera. It's impossible...
  2. BlackBlotus

    Uninstall UnityCam

    Well, my PC shows that I have a camera called "UnityCam", the problem is that I don't have a camera ... so I want to uninstall it, but I can't find a way :/ The system is Windows 10 Somebody help me please.
  3. Q

    PC Camera Not Found

    Hi, I have a Lenovo Yoga 710 laptop running windows 10 and I am having troubles with the pc camera. The camera app just goes to a black screen and won't work, a notification had popped up previously that the "camera could not be found" but that notification has now disappeared and the camera...
  4. cece1

    Lenovo built in camera not working screen black

    camera black camera wont work in zoom cant record videos hi my camera I was able to use a few times no issue and all of a sudden I cant use my camera at all I tried what I learned in college but only thing left I could try is the bios but w this new laptop I don't know how to get into bios...
  5. S

    Laptop webcam malfunctioning

    When I open my windows camera app, it opens and also the webcam starts but after 5 seconds the webcam shuts down (because the light beside the camera turns off) and also the picture on the camera app disappears. I think there is no problem with app because the app doesn't closes but the webcam...
  6. P

    New laptop camera and microphone stopped working

    Hello! I bought a new Windows 10 gaming laptop a month ago, and was very happy about the performance and such. Now I've noticed how my microphone isn't working anymore(not in discord, steam and internet in general) and I think it's ever since I plugged in a headset into the laptop, but I'm...
  7. R

    Camera/Rec Options For Event

    We film a sporting event throughout a 14 hour day. The day is broken up by the hour so that each team plays for one hour at a time. We want to be able to use a camcorder/camera that films directly to a USB. Then on every hour, we want to remove the USB (and replace it with a new one for the...
  8. O

    Cameras, Windows 10, and Game Streaming

    Here's the situation/goal etc. I want to stream games on Twitch or whatever. I have a Canon Vixia HF R600, Canon Rebel EOS (older school DSLR), Nikon CoolPix, and Canon Rebel T7i. I want to use one of these as a webcam of sorts. I've tried 4 different broadcasting/streaming programs, Adobe...
  9. R

    Security Camera

    I have a security camera in my vehicle that plugs into the cigarette lighter and sticks to the windshield via a suction cup - I'm interested in finding something similar for inside my house to be able to record what is happening outdoors. I would like to be able to stick it to my window, plug...
  10. H

    Unable to connect a camera MacOS Sierra

    Hi there - I'm hoping to connect a camera to my personal laptop (MacOS Sierra, had it for a few years but still runs properly, has never had a camera connected before). I added my user as an admin in Terminal, and I think I added myself to the sudoers list, but killall VDCAssistant doesn't work...
  11. I

    Using tablet for Kiosk in store

    So, I've really been stumped with this. Currently in the store I work for, we have a registration (web-based app) Kiosk with iPads and we require that our customers take a picture of their ID. There has been a lot of confusion with the customers on how to do this/which camera to use (front or...
  12. crcook84

    Camera accessories for dealing with animals

    I recently started volunteering at our local animal shelter deciding that the pictures posted on the adoption website weren't all that good. I was taking cat pictures before because they already had a dog photographer. That is until the shelter ran a "clear the shelter" program with the express...
  13. G

    Solved Hardware Encoders

    So I wanted to ask if there was a way for me to use my video camera that can't stream by default, with a hardware encoder. I'm very new to the subject and want the proper information before making any purchasing decisions.
  14. D

    Solved No camera - "some settings are hidden"

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) m7-6Y75 CPU @ 1.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 78 Stepping 3 Processor Count: 4 RAM: 8104 Mb Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 515, 1024 Mb Hard Drives: C: 198 GB (106...
  15. F

    Camera Connectivity- HDMI to SDI Dilema

    Hello I recently bought cameras, along with a capture device that is an HDMI to SDI converter. That being said, I am having a little difficulty solving a problem I have. First of all, my computer is an all-in-one (no case, only monitor). Since it is like this, I can't just simply buy an SDI...
  16. W

    Uninstalled Camera in Device Manager - Can't get it back

    I have a Lenovo Yoga 910 VF on Windows 10. A few days ago my camera stopped working. The F8 key would show a camera picture with a slash through it. I looked at many forums and have tried: - checking camera privacy settings - updating the driver - uninstalling / reinstalling the Lenovo...
  17. I

    Webcam not detected

    I have a Toshiba with a built in camera.. but my computer isn't detecting it and I don't know what to to. I've tried turning the camera privacy settings off and on again... help
  18. P

    Solved Cloud Modem

    Hi I don't know if I am in the right forum but I would like some advice. I have a D-Link 2800 modem and 2 X D-Link DCS 5222L cloud camera's which I need to monitor when away from home. This modem also has VOIP which I use (it is the reason I bought it) but it is not cloud enabled. I had to get...
  19. JanicePh

    Solved Canon SX50

    Not sure if this is the right spot or even the right site. I'm interested in this: In excellent working condition. clean and scratch free. includes case, 4 batteries, charger 32GB sd card. also has filter adapter 300.00. free shipping in CONUS. I acept PayPal. Can someone tell me if this is...
  20. C

    In Progress Stupidly gave scammers remote access to my PC for short time

    I know i messed up and you don't have to remind me but it all fit together at the time. I was woken up at 9am this morning on my day off school by what i now know were cold callers: a charming laddie telling me there is a problem with my PC and that it is infected with a virus and spyware...