cant boot

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    Bootable device not found

    Cannot boot up my computer due to no bootable device found, I changed the hard drive with a new one and in the Bios menu it reads the new hardrive, but when I save settings and try to boot it up, it doesn't read and says "No bootable device found"
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    Solved Pc won't boot up after 2 pins being shortened

    Dear helpers of the forum, I recently had an issue where my computer alway prompted F1 request to continue boot. I found a possible solution that stated that I should shorten to pins on the usb 3.0 Header. They were the 1st pin (VBus), it is a 5 volt power supply for the usb 3.0. the other pin...
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    CPU Stopped Working

    So, about a month ago after a night of gaming, I knocked my pc off as usual and went to bed. In the morning, I went to turn on my pc but there were some issues. For one, the LED around the power on button was not lit up, and the fan on my graphics card was not spinning, and so I had no display...
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    Can't get past bios screen!

    Whenever I turn on my PC (which worked fine before this morning) I am sent straight to the bios screen. I tried unplugging, replugging everything in my pc to make sure everything was properly connected. I tried changing a few settings in bios but nothing worked. I left my pc on overnight, and...
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    Can't enter BIOS and can't enter Windows

    Hey all, my cousin dropped off her laptop (Acer aspire V5-571 series) with a problem. when she booted up the PC it gave a message "Operating system not found", after a quick google search i found that if i boot from a USB installer and repair the PC, or go into bios and change the HDD location...