cant unintsall software

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    Pirated version of Avid Pro Tools unable to be uninstalled

    Hello, a few weeks ago I pirated Avid Pro Tools, now I don't want it on my laptop and it takes up almost 2 GBs of space. When I go to settings/storage/apps and features and click on Avid Pro Tools, the uninstall option is greyed out. I'm on windows 10 on a Lenovo laptop. Please help, really need...
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    Solved Cant Uninstall a software!! (DimScreen)

    So i installed a software called "DimScreen" and when i installed it in my laptop, i couldnt find it in the control panel to uninstall it! its not viewing in the search bar either in the windows 8.1. I REALLY need to get rid of it but the only folder it seemed to create is the setup folder for...