1. I

    Waze Speedometer

    Hi I've recently changed my phone so I'm having to set all my apps up again, which is proving to be a pain, as you can imagine! I use Waze as my main sat nav app and I've set it up as much as I can, but I'm sure that on my old phone it used to sound an alert when I was going over the speed...
  2. H

    Raspberry Pi car project

    Hello, for a long time I am dreaming about installing multimedia into my car. But unfortunately, my car is not so multimedia-friendly. Lately, I got ant idea, of installing raspberry Pi, but since I have seen one yet, I have a lot of questions. First of all, I am wondering, if it is a good...
  3. crcook84

    Car Battery Checker

    I recently left my car lights on overnight because I had a particularly vexing day at work. Needless to say, the voltage dipped low enough that it had to be put on our battery charger to charge it up enough again. We were able to charge it up and I could continue using it the next day. However...
  4. B

    Cigarette lighter AUX cable?

    Hi I recently purchased my first car - a 2000 Mazda Protege. I was wondering if there was a product available to allow me to play music through the cigarette lighter thingy? The car only has the cigarette lighter port, no USB or AUX so any suggestions for playing music from my iPhone through the...
  5. crcook84

    Breakaway electrical system for car

    I got myself a new car recently. It’s got much better gas mileage. Unfortunately, I’m in the interesting position where I’m not driving it enough, causing the alternator not to be able to keep the battery charged. (We plugged it in that evening and, when we checked it the next day, it was a...
  6. C

    What size amplifier do I need?

    I just found a sub-woofer and I want to install it in my car, What do I need to do this? It's a 125W 8 ohms (or so the internet says) (model 10w08 JL Audio) any help would be appreciated. I know I need an Amplifier, thats about as far as my knowledge goes.