card reader

  1. nioc98

    Keyboard/card reader incompatibility.

    Can anybody say why my logitech keyboard won't work with transcend card reader plugged in? If I connect (USB) my Transcend card reader to any port in my PC, the Logitech K260 keyboard immediately stops working. Any ideas?
  2. abajan

    Solved Card Reader Appears to Be Malfunctioning

    Happy New Year to All! :) Hopefully, one of you tech wizards can solve a most vexing issue that has recently been occurring with the card reader I use to copy photos from my Sony CyberShot DSC-750 camera. The issue has to be with the card reader (featured here) and not the card, because the...
  3. R

    Can't find Zio CompactFlash driver for Mac 10.12

    I just bought a Zio! CompactFlash Card Reader. It came with a supposedly Mac-compatible driver on CD, but when I insert it, the "USB ZiO!™ Driver Installer" file cannot be opened. I get the message: You can’t open the application “USB ZiO!™ Driver Installer” because the Classic environment is...
  4. K

    Solved Odd SD reader Issue

    I am having an issue with my ASUS Laptop's Internal SD reader. It reads a 4 GB SanDisk SDHC no problem, every time. I also have a PNY 8 GB SDHC that works very rarely. I have to try a bunch of times to make it work, and even then it stops when writing files. I assumed it was the brand so I went...