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    Crashing and BSOD After Changing Case

    Hello everyone! As stated in the title I recently switched computer case (from nzxt h440 - corsair 460x rgb) and ever since I have had some serious issues with games crashing and BSOD. Let's start with the crashing. Crashing: There is no particular game that casuses the crash and neither my gpu...
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    PC failing to boot

    Hi i've been having an awful issue with my pc the last week or so and I can't find a solution. my pc is failing to even boot which is frustrating to be sure what the problem is. my pc sometimes shows it's recieving power by the led fans turning on but only for a second or less before shutting...
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    Moved PC cases, and now PC not booting!

    Hi, I recently switched my PC cases from a old bad Work PC case to a new NZXT s340! When i switched everything over and tried to turn it on the only thing that turns on is the motherboard lights? I know the problem is not the power supply as i just bought a new for the move. I would really...