1. C

    Phone won't screen mirror to smart tv

    My Samsung Smart TV is ready to screen share and my Motorola G6 tells to me go to Settings>Connected Devices>Connection Preferences>Cast but when I do it says there aren't any devices nearby to cast to. I can still cast from the Casting option on YouTube Videos but can't fully Screen Mirror
  2. gowest

    Remove old device from YouTube "Play on TV" Cast

    Hello, I'm trying to remove a "cast" to device in YouTube. I've fully cleared my Google Chrome cache, but the old device is still showing up. Please see the photo - When I click "Play on TV" on YouTube, the "cast to" device...
  3. somhrsh

    how to cast video using VLC(WLAN)

    like we can do with wmp can we also do it with vlc if yes then how