1. T

    PC having issues with Cat 5 and Cat 7 cables

    This has happened 3 times. I had been using my Cat5 cable for a few years with this computer. Both the cable and computer are 2 years old. I have a gig speed connection to my ISP, I use a Netgear Nighthawk X4S docsis 3.1. When I download 1 gig files from google drive I receive them in a second...
  2. I

    WiFi from a cat 5 port?

    I have a new house and my cable and internet has been turned on to wall coaxial jacks in every room a I believe also CAT5 jacks in every room. Unfortunately the CAT5 jacks arent located where anybody with any sense would ever put a computer desk or entertainment center. I have a good working...
  3. A

    New intermittent cable run

    Hello, I am currently attempting to run a new run with 2 new cables and an existing good cable. This run extends about 100 feet and runs through 2 cheap connectors ( This run connects 2 different routers at opposite ends...
  4. Marky64

    Three Networked Computers, Long Cat5e Run

    Hello, I run a business and we have three computers that are networked together and we run a software for our shipping call Desktop Shipper. The shipping software communicates with our order management system and with each other. The issue is that we moved to the second floor and due to...
  5. A

    Identify a cat 6 keystone jack

    Hi guys, Noob here, how to differentiate a cat 6 keystone jack from a cat 5e keystone jack if the category is not printed on the jack? Thank you.