1. itsweezy66

    CCTV 8 channel camera problem

    I have a 8 channel DVR , it's configured with six cameras , one of which has a problem. It doesn't display anything , stays blank most of the time and rarely give a display. Is it cable problem or camera Gives a 'video loss' message btw. it was working fine a month ago , recently its has been...
  2. Shaun89

    Annke CCTV Hardrive install

    Hi all, I have an Annke system that never had a hard drive or connection cables. Iv got a SATA Hdd and the data lead fits but the power lead I found does not connect to the 4 pins in the picture. Iv tried female molex and female floppy drive connectors. Help please
  3. S

    Can GPT Partition Harddisk Support to Hikvision DVR?

    4 TV Toshiba HDD for HIKVISION CCTV dvr
  4. M

    Suspect landlord spying on me with hidden camera

    Before I moved into my house I came to look around and noticed my landlord up in the attic. He said he was fixing a sag in the ceiling somewhere. Now that I've moved in I don't see where any said could have been in my ceilings. The day that he was in the Attic he was acting a little strange. He...