1. N

    Cannot install a cd-rom

    Hi guys I’m trying to install a children’s encyclopaedia on a laptop for my son. The cd-rom says it is for windows xp, which is what the laptop is running. It goes through the installation and setup process. But after the restart if I try to run the it I get the following message : The sound...
  2. TheSwaggiestLoser

    Catz3 on Windows Vista(Gateway): DVD/CD driver won't work

    My crappy Windows Vista isn't the best, but when I put in Catz 3 to play 2 days ago, it wouldn't work because the device/driver malfunctioned or something. Also, catz 3 is incompatible with my Windows 10 laptop. I try to launch the setup in the appropriate compatibility mode, but it still won't...
  3. J

    Optical drive help

    A while back I smelled a burning smell from my computer and after some investigation figured it was my PSU. So I buy a 650( old was 750) PSU and install. I turn my computer on to find out my hhd and optical drives aren't working. My ssd which has my operating system shows some file damage on...
  4. C

    Youtube to DVD

    Hi, can you help me convert my Youtube videos that I posted on my channel to a DVD or CD? Also I need assistance with the video I just uploaded to my computer to a DVD/CD.
  5. C

    Star Wars Galaxies Cyclic Redundancy Check Error

    Recently I bought a new Star Wars Galaxies disc set after my old one got destroyed and I was hoping to play but when I started to install the new disc I got a cyclic redundancy check error. I used to have Star Wars Galaxies installed on my computer so some left over files from that could be...
  6. J

    New Looking for antivirus/malware removal on cd

    Before I tried to buy a discounted Office suite for download, I had no problem downloading large files. I was not satisfied with that purchase, and I think it must have snuck something into my tower. Now when I try to download large files they time out with the message "Failed-Network error"...