cd/dvd rom not showing up

  1. Farid23

    CD drive not working

    Hello, Recently when I want to use my cd-rom I face problems which are as follows: The cd or dvd won't play and I have to take it out several times and replace it inside it so that by some chance it may finally work and this chance is pretty low( today I could only play 2 dvds) so I started to...
  2. puter hater

    Errors causing computer to shut down

    Dell 8200 ,Windows 7 , 64 bit I started to have issue with my keyboard and mouse stop functioning. I would have to unplug to restart. That worked for a bit but now shall we say hell has broke free. I am unable to keep it up at at all now. I was able to run test on it and this is what it is...
  3. Giovanni001

    Solved CD/DVD drives are not showing up on Windows 10

    I'll do my best to explain you my problem considering that I'm not American or so. I bought a new gaming PC like 2 months ago or so, and I had this problem once already. I resolved it by uninstalling the driver but now the driver is not showing anymore. The CD/DVD Drive suddenly dissapeared from...