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    Light Kit issues on a ceiling fan

    I recently installed a Hampton Bay ceiling fan with a light. The fan works perfectly. However, the light does not work. Power runs down through the light kit, but stops when it goes into the pull switch (Does this mean I need a new pull switch or light kit?). I have been searching for answers...
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    Ceiling Fan working but lights not working

    We recently purchased a new house. The living room has a ceiling fan with four lightbulbs. There is a pullswitch but the light is also operated by a flipswitch on the wall with a dimmer. We like the LED white lights so we went and bought some and replaced them. It worked for about a day, then...
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    Hunter Ceiling Fan/3 Light Kit - Light Stopped & Won't Work

    I'm new and not sure if this fits in this category. I have a Hunter ceiling fan/3 lights. It's almost three years old. My wife flipped the wall switch the lights came on, then off. The fan still works. These are the facts and what I've done so far. All three lights don't work. The bulbs...
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    Harbor Breeze Remote Controlled Fan/Light - Light won't work

    We have a Harbor Breeze remote controlled ceiling fan/light. The light quit working a few weeks back. The fan and light are controlled by one wall switch. There are 2 pull cords and the remote. The fan works using all 3 controls (wall, pull-cord, remote). The light DOES NOT work using any...