1. I

    Pictures in Excel

    Hi I'm using Office 2019 on a Windows 10 64bit PC. Is there a way to insert a picture into a cell in Excel, please? I know I can insert a picture into a spreadsheet but I want it to be within the cell so the the cells to the right can relate to it - for example, if I was inserting a picture...
  2. G

    Microsoft Access 2016 multiple options in 1 cell

    I'm trying to database my network using the built in Asset tracking template with access 2016. I'm new to playing with Access, but I'm catching on quickly. The issue I'm having is I have several fields I've added in addition to the default fields. I've created one called "MAC Address". I've...
  3. Meyonce

    Solved Multiple Formula's In One Cell | Excel

    I am currently using the formula =SUM(B3*140%) to get a mark-up of 40% when entering a price, but I would like to round this up to the nearest £0.50. Please see spreadsheet attached. Is there anyway to add this formula along with the current one?
  4. J

    Questions about Reverse phone number lookup (Cell Phone)

    Hello, Does anyone know a reliable and legitimate reverse number service that can find out the name of a person (Phone owner) that has called and/or sent a text from a cell or mobile phone ? All of the free ones I found will not give a name unless you pay them. I don't mind paying a small one...
  5. B

    Part text, part variable in a cell

    I am using Excel 2010. In cell B26, I want it to read "The total is ..", followed by a variable picked up from cell F4. The variable has to be included in cell B26. It's annoying, because 10 or 15 years ago I knew how to do this, but now I can't remember. I tried searching office.com help, but...