changing permissions

  1. KiTiTy

    Can't view or delete a registry key or take ownership of it

    Unable to set new owner on registry key: Access is denied. I'm using an admin account, but I'm unable to view or delete a registry key. I also cannot view or modify permissions or view or change the current owner. :c I've tried running a program in command line called PsExec, which when...
  2. Laluka

    File Ownership and Permission

    I am facing issue with my files, When i try to open my pic in my laptop Its gives me an error that I don't have permission to do this action. I can't copy those file to another place too. Can someone help me out, How to solve this issue? I tried to change the ownership but it is not working...
  3. A

    Solved Changing permissions of multiple folders/files

    I made changes in permissions of some files and folders when I was working on windows 8.1 but now when I switched to windows 7 ultimate I can not change its permissions at once. I apply it a folder but it is not applied to its sub folders and files it gives a screen as in the picture. Please...