1. T

    Solved laptop keyboard - issues with " and @ keys

    I have an Acer Nitro that I got 4 months ago. The model is AN515-42-R25P. They keyboard worked fine at first, but then I started having an issue that I've had with other computers, including older desktop PC's, but I think all were running Windows 10... I wasn't sure whether to put this in the...
  2. KDenv01

    T21 Gaming Keyboard - Help

    I downloaded the software for the additional bindable keys and now I can't use the keyboard as it either types the wrong character or it opens a different program such as; Groove Music or Internet. The language is set to English UK and no other languages are added to the board.
  3. P

    Problem with graphics, maybe GPU broken?

    Hi, my problem is that some of the textures during gaming is messed up and it's in every game. Also, it recently started to show during normal usage of computer, for example some letters are messed up or some textures. Examples: my specs: i5-3570k Ram; kingston Gddr3...
  4. C

    UTF-8 Problems on Centos/Cpanel with Tomcat 5

    I am having problems with a site for a hong-kong based customer who wants to use chinese characters in web page URIs. I have set up all the configuration options I have found in various forums and have this working perfectly for pure HTML pages served by Apache and for Tomcat served pages...