charger port

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    Laptop Won’t turn on, even when plugged in

    Hello, my laptop model is the HP-G61 I believe. When I plug the charger into it the power light above the port briefly turns on, then turns off and no power is supplied to the laptop or battery. I have tried numerous times to fix this, as in replacing the battery, and replacing the charger (4...
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    Laptop charger port seems to be broken ?

    does my laptop charger port seems to be broken ??
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    iPod Touch Won't Charge / How to Retrieve Files

    My iPod either won't charge, or screen has died so I can't see that it's charged/charging. I suspect it's the former, possibly a dead charger port, or something worse and more internal. My questions are: a.) Is it possible to fix this type of problem WITHOUT losing my data/files on the iPod...
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    Laptop unable to open after connecting it to charger

    My charger port got recently broken and so whenever I try to charg my laptop,the charger cable ends up not fitting perfectly and I have to move it around in order for it to charge.A couple of days ago it became a pain to charge it and I had to stay still while using it for it to keep...