1. E

    Screen tinted red when charging.

    This is a Dell Inspiron Laptop. For some reason everyone I've seen online with similar problems has also had a Dell laptop, so it can't just be me. I've had problems with my battery and charging for a long time, and for some reason these also always seem to be correlated with other processes on...
  2. G

    Laptop is not turning on

    Hello, So today I grabbed my laptop and charger, I turned it on and saw the power light. I went to get to and when I came back the power light is off and it’s not turning on. I tried everything, taking the battery out, etc. I haven’t used my laptop in almost a week or two, or much longer (I...
  3. A

    Surface Pro 6 won't charge when plugged in, no indicator lig

    I bought a Surface Pro 6 a couple of months ago from Costco. Everything was great until the charger wouldn't work. To be more specific, it will be plugged in and the indicator light will not turn on and or charge at all. Sometimes it will charge, but it will not charge for long. I've tried...
  4. M

    Solved Charger problem

    So i have a lenovo laptop and the Charger stopper working im wondering if i can use a different Charger to power it? Broken charger: 20v 2.25a Charger i want to use: 20v 3.25a
  5. D

    I broke my ipad charger block in 3 pieces how do i put back?

    My iPad white block charger came apart in 3 pieces. 1. the actual block that can be removed normally (the big one) with the USB hole (all intact) 2. the actual metal part with the plastic holder that can be plugged in the wall ) 3. this other piece that has brass on the inside and 2 holes that...
  6. K

    i have a microphone and charger issue

    I have this problem that when i plug my headset and have my charger plugged to it starts making a buzzing sound that is very annoying, i dont know what to do
  7. J

    Laptop charger port seems to be broken ?

    does my laptop charger port seems to be broken ??
  8. S

    Charging issue, fine when laptop turned off

    I can't find anything similar on the interwebs. My PC charges perfectly fine when turned off, but when I turn on the charging becomes intermittent, what's more, it seems to be completely unrelated with the position of the charger cord. At first, I thought it is a simple connectivity issue as I...
  9. yo89999

    Solved My computer wont turn on

    Whenever i press the power but on my lenovo laptop it will not turn on (instead the power button just blinks as if it were in sleep mode). I have been charging it for over 24 hours. Whenever i pull out my charger cable, however, the light stops blinking. Any help?
  10. G

    lost Levono Yoga 720 charger

    I lost the charger to my Lenovo - Yoga 720 2-in-1 12.5" Touch-Screen Laptop and have not been able to find a charger with a compatabile cylindrical connector. The charger was 45W AC. Does anyone have a link they will share with me to show me where to get a replacement?
  11. B

    While plug in, charger is charging for (5-20min)

    Hey, my old charger to my laptop just stopped workin, so i had to buy u new one. Here is the thing, old one was 120W but the new one is only 90W, and i am having problem with charging. Its only charging for a while and then it stops and i have to unplug it from laptop and plug it in again. Can...
  12. F

    macbook pro early 2011 not turning on even if plugged

    macbook pro early 2011 not turning on even if plugged into the wall. two days ago my original charger exploded when i plugged it into the wall.. like smoke came out and everything. the copper wires were broken and all that. so i bought a off brand charger and a new battery (since my macbook...
  13. S

    MSI gtx780dxr - Charging issue

    Hi there, The only issue I have with my laptop is that it doesn't hold charge, and the computer performance drops massively when it is not plugged in (simple games will struggle/jitter, which is not normal for the power of this laptop). I have replaced both the actual battery and the charger...
  14. O

    unable to boot, charge cuts off when turning laptop on. HELP

    My laptop used to work like a charm 2 weeks ago, starting from last week it started having trouble booting, I had to push the power button about 8 - 15 times for it to start and everything works as normal. yesterday while I was using the pc, it suddenly turned off without warning and it wouldn't...
  15. O

    Dell laptop freezing and crashing while plugged in.

    For some background my laptop died after my charger destroyed my motherboard so I sent it in to dell to get it fixed and they replaced the motherboard but when i got it back I had this issue. Any time i try to run a program that uses my GPU it will freeze after a few seconds and often blue...
  16. K

    Charging causing lag

    I find my games run smoothly until I plug in my charger; after this my games will subsequently start lagging literally every 3 seconds
  17. M

    Laptop unable to open after connecting it to charger

    My charger port got recently broken and so whenever I try to charg my laptop,the charger cable ends up not fitting perfectly and I have to move it around in order for it to charge.A couple of days ago it became a pain to charge it and I had to stay still while using it for it to keep...
  18. S

    Broken Laptop

    Hello Guys, I have a Samsung Series 7 Chronos and I believe I bought it in 2014. It has had some over heating problems so I have been using an external fan to cool it. On one day it was on low battery, so like any person, I plugged it in and went back to work. Suddenly it shut off. Out of...
  19. M

    Charger problems!

    I have a netbook ideapad 100s a few months ago it was charging on a shelf and my daughter knocked the charger off. . The charger then made a big bang and I had to throw it out as it didn't work anymore.. the laptop still worked and I used it until the battery total died.. I bought a new charger...
  20. T

    MacBook Air won't charge: Dim Green Light

    I have a MacBook Air that I bought in 2012. I was recently away on a hiking trip and haven't used it for 30 days, now it won't turn on... When I plug it in, only a dim green light appears on the charger. I fear that since I didn't use it for a month that perhaps it has gone into a deep sleep...