1. E

    Solved Gateway Laptop Charger

    Help! My (garbage) Gateway laptop charger is barely working. The tip, the part that you plug into the computer, is sliding in and out way too easily and has to be held in a specific position or it will not charge. I don't know what to do. I suspect it's the port within the computer that isn't...
  2. Rakaro

    Solved Laptop will not charge due to motherboard problem

    My uncle's laptop recently stopped charging itself. When the charger is plugged into an outlet, a light comes on meaning it is connected. This light turns off once it is plugged into the laptop itself and results in no charge or electricity being supplied to the laptop. The laptop will not turn...
  3. R

    laptop charging

    Hi. I am using a lenovo flex 3-1470. i-7 processor,2.4 Ghz ,64 bit ,windows 10. When I plug in the charger , while it is charging,the speed is coining to 0.48Hz and the laptop is working very slow. What am I supposed to do. I tried looking on google and most of them say to keep the "power...
  4. E

    Laptop continually restarting!

    So I'm borrowing my father's MSI GT780DX laptop and all of a sudden it starts continually rebooting when plugged in. Running on battery it's fine and will load perfectly and works but when plugged in it shuts down and keeps restarting. Sometimes I am able to use it plugged in for awhile before...
  5. J

    My Laptop wouldn't start without charger

    I have just got a new laptop from outside town, and after 5-6 days i got time to use it. When i click the power button, it won't start. but when i attached the charger, it started. This got me thinking that battery doesn't work, but on the screen it was charging. so i thought of removing the...
  6. K

    Powerbank Compatibility (Replacement Power Supply)

    Hi, I am planning on buying a portable wall charger/powerbank and I just want to make sure it won't reduce my phone's battery life in the long run. The phone I have is a BLU Energy XL, which came with a 9V/2A charger that plugs into the wall. However, the powerbank that I am most interested in...
  7. E

    Failing Battery

    I recently bought a new battery for my laptop after the battery stopped charging and my laptop told me i should buy a new one. However upon using my new battery a message pops up saying the battery has permanent failure. Do i need to return this battery and purchase another? Or should i maybe...
  8. D

    Lenovo g505s charging problem

    So following from yesterday, I brought a new charger and still it doesn't charge. When I take out the battery it doesn't even load up, and when I plug it in the white and red light flashes when I try and turn it on. Help anyone?
  9. D

    Solved Lenovo laptop not charging HELP PLEASE!

    Hi I have a Lenovo g505s laptop and it has stopped charging today with no due reason. It has worked fine before today with no problem and then boom just stops working. I've checked the socket and they work, checked the wires no problem there it seems and tried removing the battery and...
  10. A

    Fujitsu Lifebook won't boot - no charging indicator lights

    Hi, I've got a Fujitsu Lifebook AH531 which won't boot up. No charging lights when plugged in either with or without the battery in the laptop. I have tried different power sockets. I can hear a tiny tiny high pitched noise coming from the charging pack, although I am very sensitive to noise and...
  11. B

    $1,600 ASUS Laptop... About to give up on it

    I bought a $1,600 ASUS Zenbook, mine is the UX31a model, about 3 years ago. 13.3 inch touchscreen, lightweight, and beautiful. This laptop has been the BEST... Until a few months ago. It started turning off, while on charge.. And when it turned back on it would say battery at 0%, plugged in...
  12. S

    Laptop charger bent- like really bent

    So my laptop fell of my bed and I was too tired to notice that the charge was sticking out strangely and when I went to use it this afternoon the charger was horribly bent. Is this worth trying to save or do I have to buy a new part?