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    Trying to figure out a unique VPN?

    My Grandparents in St. Louis, MO have Charter Spectrum Internet, TV and phone service and I live in Minneapolis and have Mediacom internet. I don't know if any of you use the Charter Spectrum app, but, outside of the Spectrum internet modem/network, you CAN'T WATCH ANYTHING INCLUDING CNN...
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    Very low upload speed, high amounts of packetloss

    I explain most of everything on this video, just in advance this is the first video I've ever recorded so sorry if I'm a little slow on explaining: I have had Charter Communications in my house for 4 years, about 4 months ago I noticed my upload speed at 0.30 or less and my packet loss at...
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    Charter internet constantly dropping

    So at my household, the internet connection fluctuates in how frequently it drops. Yesterday, we could not keep it going for more than 5 minutes without having to restart the router.\ (soon after restarting the router, the same issue happens again) / Basically, what happens is the internet on...