1. cwwozniak

    Outlook 2013 - Inbox appearance of sender's name

    I exchange emails with several people in Taiwan on a regular basis at work. We are using MS-Outlook 2013 for our email client and IMAP for incoming email. The OS is MS-Windows 8.1 Pro with various Asian fonts installed I have all of their contact information saved in Outlook's address book. I...
  2. M

    Installation problem - Chinese League of Legend

    Hi I wanted to reinstall my Chinese league of legends client but could not find a uninstall button, so I deleted the file directly from the program files. I then downloaded the game from TGP, Tencent (the company that owns and direct LoL in China) official third party program, but once the...
  3. cwwozniak

    Entering Chinese Text in Excel 2013

    The company I work for is in the USA and is running a US version of 64 bit MS-Windows 8.1 Professional on desktop computers. We are running MS-Office 2013. Several people exchange MS-Excel files with the factory in Taiwan. A few people are finding it cumbersome to edit or enter Chinese text into...
  4. C

    UTF-8 Problems on Centos/Cpanel with Tomcat 5

    I am having problems with a site for a hong-kong based customer who wants to use chinese characters in web page URIs. I have set up all the configuration options I have found in various forums and have this working perfectly for pure HTML pages served by Apache and for Tomcat served pages...