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    Videos Choppy-Running 4 Monitors

    Hi, I am running 4 monitors on an HP Laptop. I do this for work so it works pretty good with the exception of running a bit slow. The issue I am having is when I view videos, such as on youtube or from my dash cam SD card, the videos are very choppy. I tried adding more RAM (came with 8g now at...
  2. Z

    Glitchy Bluetooth Audio Mac

    I recently bought nice a pair of Photive BTH3 over-ear bluetooth headphones. I paired them simply with my mac and started listening to Spotify and YouTube. The audio from them would keep glitching out and would stutter in a "breaking/choppy" sound. I would like to know if anyone else is...
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    Internet keeps being choppy on all games.

    For the last 2 days I have been experiencing problems while playing games. While playing I start rubberbanding at random times while playing. On my screen I will be somewhere, then after a second I will be sent back to my before position. I have tried restarting my router/modem, restarting my...
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    Choppy Gradient Displayed

    A friend of mine is having a bit of trouble seeing gradients on a new laptop - the model is an Aspire E5-523G. The gradients seem to be choppy and cut off unappealingly, as shown here. It can more clearly be seen zoomed in and below the center of the image. For reference, the image is...
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    Computer runs badly, seemingly choppy

    Hello, first post here, so sorry if it's posted in the wrong category. My computer is self built. It was dead for 4 years (It just died when I left it on over night one time), but I recently got it to work. The GPU had gone bad, producing lines in the images, but I have a spare one I'm using...
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    Stuttering/Choppiness on Desktop & in Games after new parts

    Hello! I appreciate any assistance in advance. [1] Problem: I notice a stutter or choppiness that occurs when dragging programs across my screen. It "feels" like what I can best describe as a frame rate drop in a video game. This also occurs while playing video games. However, the frames per...