1. A

    Chromebook not turning on

    I have a Acer google Chromebook laptop, 1 year old that stopped working a few weeks ago. I thought that it may have just been out of charge so I charged it up and it wouldnt load anything, left it until now and I've been doing abit of research on how to reboot it but the screen isnt staying on...
  2. L

    Powerwash question

    I want to powerwash my computer, but I have many important documents on docs and slides, will it delete those documents? Thx
  3. U

    Wi-Fi Security

    Hello, I just had a quick question about the security of my Wi-Fi and the people who can see it. We as students are given chromebooks in order to do online work and classrooms. Though most work in class we are often told to finish work at home. The chromebooks need a network in order to...
  4. bobzani

    Solved chromebook

    I'd like to know how I can login to my chromebook without having to enter my password every time.I'm the only user, so this is a real pain!
  5. W

    Copying software

    I had Final Cut Pro downloaded on an IMac, and copied the entire software into a USB. When I opened the file on a Chromebook, it showed the application in 500 separate files. Is this common when coping software between devices? If so, how do I combine all the files into one application that...
  6. sue4635

    Solved Long Delay to get Printout from Google Cloud Print

    I have been using Chromebooks for several years. About a week ago I started having a new problem with Google Cloud Print. After submitting a job, it could take HOURS before the job actually prints on my WiFi Epson printer. No error message is shown on the Chromebook. On the same WiFI network...
  7. X

    Acer 15 Chromebook

    Alright so I got this computer last year sometime. Today, until around 1:20, it worked perfectly. Next thing I know, the screen is pitch black but everything else is working. It's not dead, I've restarted it, I've forced it to shut down, I've checked the brightness, I've plugged it in (it's...
  8. sue4635

    Solved Cannot Print Two-Sided with Chromebook

    I hope you can help me because I am at the end of my rope here. As you can see in the photo, when I try to print to my Google Cloud printer from my Chromebook, I get a very limited dialog box with no option for two-sided printing. There is no "advanced settings" or "print from system dialog...
  9. B

    Unknown Firewall on Microsoft Chromebook

    My son has a Chromebook, and every time he tries to use Google Chrome or any website, we have a screen that pops up that says “To keep you safe from internet threats, please sign in to your company's Service.” It then asks for a username. I do not have a username to enter and don’t understand...
  10. L

    Stuck In Efi Shell

    Okay so I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a predicament. I recently was attempting to download windows onto my Chromebook, and i found a guide that told me to try the Mr. Chromebook download, which i installed. I wasn’t sure if i had fully removed the write protect screw, and things never really...
  11. T

    Acer Chromebook 15 Died

    Hello all,my Acer Chromebook 15 (CB15-571) seems to have died overnight.It wont switch on or charge,Im getting no lights,its just dead.I have tested the charger and its ok,I have bought a new battery and installed it,I have tried holding down the refresh and start keys....nothing,dead.I have...
  12. P

    Chromebook Keyboard Not Working

    I had my chromebook randomly shut off while I was using it, the model CB3-131.It wouldn't turn on until I hard reset it about an hour later, then when it turned on they keyboard would not work, except for the power button. Any idea on how to fix this?
  13. K

    Hi, I need help with connecting an Acer Chromebook to the in

    . My Chromebook suddenly is blocking me from connecting to the internet. I keep getting a message that my password is incorrect and it is not. I have Rebooted with no luck.
  14. B

    Seagate External hard drive infected through Chromebook

    My 2tb hard drive was working fine for about 3 months before it stopped working. I have files inside files, so the main ones show up, but i can't open them to access anything inside. It says "failed to format" every time i try and I can't manually delete them. I thought it was a virus but I'm...
  15. J

    Acer Chromebook - unable to turn Wi-Fi back on

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member here and this is my first post, so please be gentle. I've been having an issue with my Chromebook recently. I'm unable to sign on to any Wi-fi network because the button on the bottom right-hand side just defaults to it being off. Specifically, it's similar to this...
  16. K

    Glitching screen

    My screen is all black with white lines and I attempted to reboot it but the same screen pops up. It was fine this morning but I don't know what could have happened while I was gone. Does anyone know what this is and how to fix it? I'm really freaking out. My computer is an Acer Chromebook cb3-131.
  17. C

    Chromebook will shut off, and keys aren't working properly.

    Okay, I'm sorry if this isn't the correct section for this question, but I'm in urgent need. The HP Chromebook I have currently isn't working. When I try to log in, whenever I type my password, it always puts in different characters then from what I typed in. Also, it will randomly shut off and...
  18. C

    Asus Chromebook C300

    Hi, I need help. My Chromebook keep going on and then off randomly. No, it is not hot. Does anyone know how to fix this, PLEASE? Carol
  19. J

    Changing OS from Chrome OS to Windows

    I recently bought a Toshiba Chromebook 2 before I learned all of my school work needs to be completed on programs that only run on Windows. I researched the idea of switching my operating system from Chrome OS to Windows, and it seems to have been done although there were issues with drivers. Is...