clean install

  1. C

    Can't boot at all, for I disabled windows boot manager

    I attempted to CLEAN INSTALL my windows 10. Believe me, I read various resources to try finding out what to do on the Boot. I did learn that I had to prioritize boot options in the order I preferred. In order to switch the priority order (no online resource instructs how to switch them...
  2. T

    PC stuck on motherboard logo

    Hi, I've just built my first PC, I inserted the USB from Microsoft with widows 10 tried to boot using with it selected and it just puts me onto a black screen with the motherboard logo, no loading bars or anything, can someone help?
  3. J

    Why did my PC restart? Message loop

    Trying to reinstall Windows 10 because it stopped booting. Got through the process of deep cleaning the drive and the installation finished. Now I'm stuck in a loop that keeps coming back to this message as soon as I enter Language and time zone preferences. Is something wrong with my hard...
  4. Dingus

    New Hard Drive

    Hello everyone. Long story how I got to where I am, which I won’t trouble you with. I’ve had to wipe the drive and now I’m trying to reinstall it. I’m trying to load XP onto it. When I try this I get a message saying it can’t find a hard drive. It’s a compaq 6910P laptop. I’ve tried it after I...
  5. A

    DualBoot Windows 10 & Windows 7 on SSD and HDD respectively.

    I want to clean install Windows 10 and Windows 7 in dual boot configuration on separate hard drives. I have a 240 GB WD SSD completely for Windows 10 and a 1 TB WD HDD for Windows 7 installation. I have a MSI B85M-E45 ("") motherboard which...
  6. J

    Windows 10 Clean Install

    I am looking to do a clean install of Windows 10 Home the next time my system crashes. I have Intel (IRST, Wireless Card, and Bluetooth) components and Realtek components (Card Reader, ethernet, and HD audio). As I understand, I have to download those drivers separately? Also, If I reformat my...
  7. S

    Windows Did Not Start-up Correctly

    Hi. I need to retain the files on my computer because they are very important to me. If I can get my computer back to working condition that would be best. My computer is an HP Envy model 15t-k000 laptop that runs Windows 10 x64. It was working normally when I left for a break and returned and...
  8. O

    Trouble installing OS fresh, Mac Pro

    A couple weeks ago my mid-2010 Mac Pro started getting extremely slow at times. Restarting would temporarily fix it, until one day it wouldn't get past the apple logo progress bar screen. So I took it in and Apple ran a diagnostic and told me that it's unlikely to be the HDD but "something else"...
  9. W

    Trying to upgrade from 1TB HDD to 2TB HDD & 120GB SSD

    I wish I hadn't tried to do this for I am in over my head and have created a mess. I thought I'd do a little upgrade for my son while he was away this weekend. This has not gone as I had wished. Any assistance is greatly appreciated, even if simply pointing me in the right direction. Here was...
  10. D

    Windows 7 Clean Install Issues

    My computer is exhibiting many issues. After a lot of diagnosis I decided to do a clean windows 7 install. i downloaded the disk image file from MS with the product key (several phone calls later) and i burned the file onto a DVD. I set my laptop up to boot from the DVD, however, it only...
  11. C

    New Clean Reinstall with pre-installed windows 7

    My friend had brought a Toshiba laptop a couple years ago with Windows 7 home premium pre-installed on it (no installation cd came with it and shes not sure if she recieved a recovery cd with it either). Unfortuantely due to the failing on Norton to do its job she ended up with MULTIPLE viruses...
  12. C

    Custom Built Computer Boot Drive vs Storage Drive

    I recently had a computer custom built at a repair store. A couple of weeks back my start menu stopped working because of a Windows 10 update. I decided to wipe everything and reinstall Windows. I have done this many times in the past on other computers with no problem. This time it was quite a...