clean my pc

  1. I

    Windows 7 need big help

    too day I decided to clean my PC but what really wrong when on YouTube to get some help but no luck there. I want to upgrade to windows 10 but doesn't have any thing to get it
  2. PCmouse

    Dispelling static before and during cleaning PC

    Hello, I am going to clean dust out of my PC for the first time. I have had this PC five years, so I know it needs to be cleaned. I have been putting it off due to fears of causing static damage. I understand that I can touch the computer case before and during the cleaning process to dispel...
  3. nabasheer

    Remove everything and reinstall Windows option

    Hi, I need to use "Remove everything and reinstall Windows" option on my Windows 8 PC. But I need to know whether it will affect my files in other drives (Like D, E drives). Regards, Basheer