1. britekguy

    Doing a Completely Clean Reinstall of Windows 10

    Important Reminder 1: If your computer has ever had a valid, licensed copy of Windows 10 installed, even if that's been later replaced by, say, Linux, you can still do a completely clean install of Windows 10 without having to acquire a new license. Windows 10 licenses are stored...
  2. M

    Solved WD 40 on RAM slots, how to remove the substance?

    OK I created an account just for this because it's very urgent My dad was trying to change out the RAM sticks for his PC, but he accidentally used WD 40 multi-use to clean instead of the other spray for electronics. The substance apparently does not dry, or at least it takes a while to. (I...
  3. J

    Reinstalling windows 10 Lenovo g50 70, error

    Operating system not detected. Cltrl+ shift+ del to restart. Ikay with formatting the while computer, so went ahead and tried to reinstall the os (windows10) Unable to install in any of the partitions, efi.... so opened command promt (shift f10) disk part, selct disk 0(931gb), clean, got error...
  4. O

    How to clean memory stick

    Getting tracers on my screen. Have swapped the sticks. But still getting tracers. My first thought is cleaning the gold connectors. What is the reccomended way to clean them. tia oldcity