1. S

    How to dismantle my keyboard

    I have a Sony VAIO SVL2412M1E/B AiO desktop computer. My keyboard is like a flat shape. It really looks grubby underneath the keys and I want to take off the top shell of the keyboard to properly remove the dirt and grime, but I do not want to break anything. How can I do it? Many thanks.
  2. C

    Cleaning Headphones

    Hey all, I've got a pair of Skullcandy Hesh Wireless 2 headphones, and it sounds like there's a grain of sand in the left side; it keeps bouncing around whenever I walk, so I can't listen on the go. I've opened the whole thing up, and narrowed it down to the piece closest to the ear (the one...
  3. F

    Avoiding Static Damage when dusting inside of PC

    Hello, I just spoke with a computer service worker who told me I run a high risk of damaging my pc tower if I open it and dust it myself with compressed air cans. I have not seen any major warnings concerning this issue during my online research into the topic. I have never done this before...
  4. J

    My computer won't boot after cleaning with contact cleaner

    While I was cleaning out my computer, my nephew decided it was a good idea to take a peek and suddently felt the urge to sneeze. Long story short: my motherboard had water stains all over it. I read that it was a good idea to clean it with contact cleaner, so that is what is used. I used one I...
  5. H

    cleaning of hard drive

    I am trying to clean my laptop so I can dispose of it. trying myself but need some help please. can anyone give me a simple solution or do i just press reset?!
  6. V

    In Progress Need help cleaning

    My computer is starting to run slow - I need help cleaning it and removing malware. Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9 Processor Count: 8...
  7. A

    Vacuumed the top of my monitor and now it turns off

    Okay so I was vacuuming my desk and the areas around it and the top of my computer monitor looked dusty so, without thinking, I vacuumed the top of the holes and a lot of what I think was dust came out and it made a strange whirring noise. My computer was still on but I turned it off straight...
  8. TechSalvage

    Clearing Space on SSD by Archiving Outlook to 2nd HDD

    Hi I hope someone can help me. I have a 120GB SSD as my primary / boot drive which only has 6.4GB of free space but I also have a 2nd storage HDD in my PC which is 1TB. I used WinDirStat to see what was taking up space. All of my work Outlook Files were taking up a lot of space (29.5GB) so...
  9. T

    New Help for Windows on Mac Boot Camp

    Hello I have windows on Mac Boot Camp, but after installing it, I got on the internet without realizing it has no basic anti-virus package and the windows side of my computer is now loaded with malware. What can I do to clean it and then protect it? Note, that I can't really download anything...
  10. H

    Earbud trouble, one side much quieter after cleaning

    I just cleaned out my earbuds this morning (they're Apple earbuds). I used a dry nylon toothbrush to brush out much of the debris and used an alcohol swab to clear the rest out. My right earbud is working fine, phenomenally in fact, but my left earbud is suddenly much much quieter. Could the...