cloud storage

  1. genubi

    Home Cloud Storage

    Is there a way to create my own home cloud storage that functions as easily as DropBox or OneDrive? Where I can find my Home Cloud drive on Explorer, like I can on DropBox or OneDrive? I use those services alot and, being not rich, I was hoping that I could purchase something like a WD My Cloud...
  2. Y

    Mac can't find my Seagate Cloud

    I have been running a Seagate Cloud for storage (primarily for Lightroom). I've just upgraded to a new iMac from my old MacbookPro. I'm running the same OS -- OS 13.1. I've also bought and set up a new Fritz!Box modem. Everything is running smoothly, but I cannot connect to my Seagate Cloud...
  3. K

    Digital Archiving services?

    Hi everyone, I'm the director at a non-profit English school and we have a lot of paper files of students records. I'm looking for the best service that can do the following: 1. take all of our files and scan them into digital format. 2. put all those digital files on a cloud for easy...