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    Hard drive data recovery

    I have no idea what I'm doing, I don't like technology but I need to recover the data from my old laptop. I got a replacement laptop (running Windows 10 pro) and I got 2 sets of cables to connect my old hard drive to usb. The drive powers on, it doesn't sound weird but I can't access anything...
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    Gaming Headset, no audio

    Hello, here is a quick run through. Astro A10 purchased this morning, works on my xbox one and on my phone. Mic works on my PC however there is no audio from the headset. My speakers work in both front and back audio output ports so its not a hardware issue. My pc doesnt even recognise there...
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    Ping Spikes every 30 seconds on the dot

    So, as far as technology goes, I'm pretty clueless. I'm alright at using it for day-to-day activities, but I know very little about how any of it really works. Because of this, I am really unsure why my wifi is acting up. It could be a very simple computer problem or a problem with the ISP, I...
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    Internet wiring help needed

    i'm going to preface this by stating that i am very ignorant when it comes to internet wiring and things so here goes. Currently i live in quite an old home that hasnt been updated wiring wise in quite some time. The internet wire that hooks up to the modem is a old dsl wire that comes through...
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    Email issues - rich text to reply to me

    Hi there I've been told a few times now by different people that they have issues replying to my emails or sending me emails unless they switch to rich text. I hazard a guess that many people just give up so I need to get it sorted as I use my email for work and it's vital! I use as...