1. Jnacke

    How do I use Diskpart/Diskcleanup in CMD?

    Hello everyone I'm new here. So recently my windows 10 got corrupted because I changed something in the Regedit in my AMD GPU and I shutdown my PC while chkdsk is running at stage 5 (I was stuck for 3 hours in chkdsk, my fault I know) , then when I turn on my PC after the bios splash screen it...
  2. K

    Run CMD for movinf pdf files to sub folders

    I have some pdf files under the folder all pdf (folder path : C:\Users\Skamalkanth\Desktop\Native Files\General\PDF Files) and I want move all the pdf files in to sub folders created in (C:\Users\Skamalkanth\Desktop\Native Files\General\PDF Files) can anyone please help me to move these files...
  3. M

    System recovery not successful

    I have an old compaq Presario. 2007 vintage. It has windows 7 pre-installed. I recently had a few issues and decided to attempt a system recovery. Recovery works, but when I restart I get a message - " this version of recovery.exe is not compatible with the version of Windows you are running...