cmos battery

  1. HavingABadWeek

    For computers that won’t boot try this

    So my laptop wouldn’t boot tried new external batteries nothing, new charger nothing and different breaker in my house nothing. I was exploring the internet when I came a crossed an article talking about CMOS batteries. I read it and learned that the CMOS is attached usually to the motherboard...
  2. S

    BIOS boot not Saving

    Bios boot not saving information when restarting or removing power cord even after a new CMOS battery still have the problem..CMOS checksum error default settings loaded
  3. C

    Gpu not working after cmos reset

    Hi, I recently bought a pc from a friend that gets stuck on the bios splash screen and wouldn't let me use keyboard or mouse to access the bios or anything and took ages to boot to windows. I did a cmos reset by unplugging everything and taking the battery out, This didn't help. I then tried...
  4. N

    PC - Monitor connecting issues

    Hi, I have a new PC that I got in February. Unfortunately while I was trying to look at my RAM and my graphics card, something happened and now my PC won't connect to my monitor. I have tried several online troubleshooting tutorials but none seem to work. A list of things I have tried are: -...
  5. AliceMare

    Gateway Desktop Power Button Flashes with No Display

    Hello, I've been having trouble with an old Gateway desktop for some time now. About a month ago, I had installed a graphics card to the computer and the computer had recognized it, but never used it(it always said second priority). Whenever I disabled the onboard graphics, the screen would go...
  6. R

    My Lenovo Z580 is stuck in loop..whenever I start laptop..

    My LENOVO Z580 is stuck in loop..whenever I star laptop..lenovo logo comes and then it opens dignose and from "0% dignose" it restarts again..and above process repeats again and again...I tried to fix it with bootable pen drive and CD/DVD but its not booting any of the device, and also not...
  7. S

    My USB ports don't work after I factory reset my Desktop PC

    After factory resetting my Windows 10 PC it brang me to the Country/Region page to fill out my region and language and what not but since my keyboard and mouse are plugged in like USB's they don't turn on and can't use my keyboard and mouse. The only time they do turn on however is when the PC...
  8. N

    PC failing to boot

    Hi i've been having an awful issue with my pc the last week or so and I can't find a solution. my pc is failing to even boot which is frustrating to be sure what the problem is. my pc sometimes shows it's recieving power by the led fans turning on but only for a second or less before shutting...
  9. O

    Monitor Displays Black Screen

    Before this happened my PC was running perfectly so im guessing it must be the Hardware fault but my problem is that when I boot up my PC, the monitor shows 'no signal' and my mouse and keyboard's LEDs do not turn on (the monitor is connected theough VGA (PC) to HDMI (Monitor)). I have recently...
  10. S

    Dell Inspiron beeping 5 times

    I have a Dell Inspiron 14 that I bought in early 2016. About two weeks ago, my computer starting beeping 5 times when turning on and continuing to beep once I log in and use my computer. I called Dell who had me run some tests and the beeping stopped. Today, the beeping started again. After...
  11. arknorth

    Silly Question - CMOS Batteries

    Hey gang, odd question... I'm giving my nephew a new old computer I'm rehabilitating for him - A Dell Latitude D530 with a Windows 10 upgrade that's working great - 4GB RAM and a 500GB HDD, which will replace an older D510 I gave him a while back, since XP is unfortunately being squeezed for...