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    WiFi from a cat 5 port?

    I have a new house and my cable and internet has been turned on to wall coaxial jacks in every room a I believe also CAT5 jacks in every room. Unfortunately the CAT5 jacks arent located where anybody with any sense would ever put a computer desk or entertainment center. I have a good working...
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    Wireless coaxial

    i hope this is the right place. But we're remodeling my grandparents old house, and just made it to the spare room, which will be used regularly now. The problem with it is the coaxial cable is just hanging down from the middle of the ceiling. She had directv for a tv service and they installed...
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    Setup router w/ only Coaxial outlet

    Hi, I need to setup my router (Apple Time Capsule) in an apartment room. The room has no ethernet outlets, but does have 2 coaxial outlets. I'm using one for my cable box, the other unused. Is there a way to either convert coaxial to ethernet, or set up my cable box as some sort of modem that...