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    6 Driver Errors

    This morning I started my pc and realized that my Audio had an X by it as well as my internet ... My pc was just fine last night and now these six drivers have a Code 10 error and they cannot be started; "High Definition Audio Controller" -No audio device is installed it says, even though I've...
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    Solved USB 2.0 ports broken after using USBOblivion

    I had an issue with my keyboard and so I downloaded and installed the latest Logitech drivers, for some reason (likely just a glitch) my keyboard went from problematic to now being just an "Unknown Device". After many attempts to fix the issue including a clean install of the new and old...
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    Bluetooth paired but get Code 10 in driver

    Good day ~~ I am working on a ASUS laptop (2 yrs. old), Windows 8.1 I a Bose wireless Soundlink speaker. I paired it to my cell phone and my other laptop, so I know it works. I paired it to my other laptop and shows it is paired. But, it does not connect. I get: Bluetooth Audio Device...