1. emroseabove

    File Converter

    Recently I started an online coding course from Harvard's EDX program and have been doing some work with Scratch. When a project is finished it saves to my laptop as a file with .sb3 at the end. Once saved, I can't access the file. I was wondering if anyone knows a way to convert the file to...
  2. GamerBlackAcid

    Getting an "Unhandeled exception" in QBasic

    This is the code that i used - But when in execution, it shows an error - Line: 20 (in main module). Bad file name or number. Continue? along with a heading - Unhandled Error #52. It doesn't show this error in line 9. I checked the code so many times. I have the...
  3. M

    Making a Table Layout Responsive

    Having a hard time to make a table layout responsive Hi guys, So I created a layout successful through tables but I cannot make it into a responsive layout. It cuts the image rather than squeezing it inside the page. I know it's simple but I'm just a beginner. Any help will be appreciated...
  4. A

    Need help with my program

    Hello, I need help with a program of mine that used to work flawlessly, Now it is not functioning properly, and when I try to exit the tool I get the message : "See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. **************...
  5. mohittomar13

    Solved What is the problem in my C# code??

    I have written the following code to the exercise question given at the end of the book from which I'm learning C#.. However, my code gives me an error and I'm not able to find the reason. Can someone please review the code and mention the problem area ///summary ///Write a program...
  6. jordanbrown0101

    Fake Window project

    Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting this thread to help me figure this out! I am currently creating an innovative home design system that will significantly upgrade any home and increase its value. This may seem a little far-fetched but I am still figuring out the details: Imagine 9 LED SMART...
  7. R

    Microsoft Access - Link master and child fields

    Hi guys, In my system to keep data consistent between switching tabs, I have a textbox I call. To populate a subform with the current record I link master fields 'txtMaterial' and this works. It populates the material number correctly from the corresponding record. However, I have 3 primary...
  8. R

    Microsoft Access Tabbed forms

    Hi there, when I use the following code to show/hide tabs before and after update it works - but only when it's the main form. Private Sub Job_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer) If Me.Job = "2" Then Me.Parent.Page21.Visible = True Else Me.Parent.Page21.Visible = False End If...
  9. T

    How to stop Duplication on excel macro ??

    Good afternoon , i am Tssash and i am currently working on a project to sync excel to outlook calender . This is my coding so far ( down below ) , i am currently wondering how do i stop duplicates of previous row of exisiting events/appointment.?? Much help would be appreciated , thank you
  10. W

    Python: Change Main Menu Background Image

    So, I am working on creating a visual novel using a game engine called Ren'py. This program uses Python to code, and so far I haven't really run into any issues that tinkering(with plenty of saving and judicious use of the 'undo' button) can't solve, but I can't figure out this. Right now, I...
  11. S

    Help to loop my probability badly coded program

    import time print('Hello, what is your name? ') name = input('My name is ') name = name.title() print('Hello', name + " it's nice to meet you!") time.sleep(0.45) print('I am the Thanatos System') time.sleep(0.45) print('What would you like to do? ') option = input('Your options are Sport, Food...
  12. T

    Solved How to Make Tumblr side links open in same tab?

    Hello all. I have tried to find the issue to this problem and I've no luck. My blog is here and here is my theme code. My problem is that every time I click on the side links on my theme (01, 02, 03, etc) it always launches a new tab. It is very bothersome because this sort of thing has never...
  13. O

    Failing to execute command in Ruby

    Hi everyone, I have gotten a case-interview/presentation where I am supposed to prepare an excel file for migration with the company software. I got a 23 step guide, where I was only supposed to do the first 12 prior to the presentation. The steps are shown below. I've done the first 4, but...
  14. S

    3d maze in pascal/delphi NEED help

    anyone know how the code for a 3d maze in pascal??????? I understand that it is an old language, but I really need this If not, then does anyone know how to convert a famous language such as python or c++ to pascal?? Thank you, please respond.
  15. N

    Anyone have experience with Neural Networks?

    I'm trying to make an A.I for Geometry Dash, It shouldn't be hard since there is only one button in the game, but I'm a noob at coding and scripting, so please help!
  16. A

    User Management System

    Hi, I'm desperately looking for something I need for my startup. I have a payroll business and am wanting to expand to include online payroll features for my website. I use WYSIWYG Web Builder to create and edit my website. I have no coding experience so I need either a 3rd party software or...
  17. dakotamcc

    Solved Automate Calendar to Update Excel Sheet

    Background: We have a weekly meeting that we all sit around and dish out our schedules and manually input them into a master excel sheet. This is inconvenient, time consuming, and inefficient. We would like to automate the process. What we need: Outlook Calendars (7 in total) -> Master Excel...
  18. S

    Coding help

    So, i have this project and i have done minimal work on it just because of the errors, i have done this so far, bot not even this works. I get "The entity already exists" (the hw worksheet is below) public class Employee { private double myhours; private String myname...
  19. S

    Help with this piece of coding please

    Every time I run it I get "Illegal start of expression" and stuff like ' ) ' expected and ' ; ' expected. Please help public class Employee { private double myhours; private String myname; private double myhourlyrate; public static void main (String[]...
  20. B

    Script error.

    I am working on an imageboard, and after I make a post on it I get the following error; "Warning: preg_replace(): Delimiter must not be alphanumeric or backslash in /home/chippune/public_html/inc/classes/parse.class.php on line 194 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already...