color bars

  1. AlexTT-zero

    Weird Coloured Vertical Lines when Monitor is Turned On

    Hey guys! So I have uploaded the video here cause I couldnt find a way to upload it in the website. As you can see in the upper video my monitor seems to have some kind of weird color adjustment after is turned off for long period of time. This used to occur to me If I left home and turned it...
  2. J

    Pixilated screen with different colors / computer freezes

    My laptop ( around 5 years old) has started randomly crashing . It shows blue death screen which shows the error system thread exception not found. Also randomly it stops working and shows pixilated screen with different color bars . Ireally doubt the fact that my screen is damaged because at...
  3. Ayuda

    Solved Half of laptop screen flickering (color bars)

    I have an issue with half of my laptop screen (left) flickering. It's not just flickering normally, it's basically showing small color bars changing colors flickering rapidly every once in a while on the screen. This has been happening for a month or so now, but recently it got worse. I...