command prompt

  1. K

    Cmd opening on startup

    I've noticed this problem a long time ago, the command prompt opens on startup for some reason. I've tried typing fc /scannow on cmd like someone said and it said no problems were found.
  2. N

    Corrupt Files

    So when I try to play R6, the BSOD appears and it says kernel security check failure. I did the sfc/scannow in the command prompt, and apparently I have corrupt files. Is there any way to fix that?
  3. L

    File Explorer Crashing When Right-Clicking

    For the last several months, I've been having issues with my File Explorer crashing on me when I make a right-click of any kind. Until now, I figured I could put a day aside and watch a few tutorials, but it doesn't seem like anyone else has the same exact issue I do. This issue presents itself...
  4. MusicManiac

    Help me understand this CHKDSK results?

    Read the post below. Thank you.
  5. ashlikesanime

    Solved How to undo something in command prompt ?

    So not too long ago I was having troubles with my stabilization in Clip StudioPaint -an art program-, (still having this issue ....) I found a Reddit post of people having pen problems and I ended up typing this in my command bar. (Reddit Post)...
  6. mohittomar13

    How to batch copy files from one folder to another

    hi all.!! Actually, I want to help my elder cousin brother this time. He has been given a task to create a new folder and copy about 1600 photographs from a folder that contains about 3700 photographs. He has a list of the file names that he need to copy in a separate *.txt file. He can do it...
  7. G

    Product key recovery

    Hello, I have a Dell XPS 8700 desktop I'm working on. after Hard Drive failed, I installed a new one. The computer boots to a black screen... SATA 0 installed SATA 1 installed 2-5 blank. I have attempted to installed windows 7 via USB, and Windows 10. All goes well until the product key is...
  8. R

    On bootup goes into automatically repairing your computer.

    I have a (Satellite S55-A5376 by Toshiba, came with windows 8, upgraded to 8.1, upgraded to windows 10 using free upgrade). Using my old vista PC to communicate/write this. Never had any major problems until now. I let Driver Booster from IOBIT scan my PC and install what it said was outdated...
  9. C

    How to take off open dns?

    I've been trying to take off open dns web filtering for a while now(was pranked), and nothing has worked so far. I've changed my dns adresses to google's but sites are still coming up blocked. I'm using Windows 10 as an administrator. If it can be removed through command prompt that would be...
  10. I

    Lenovo Flex 3-1130 Booting Problems

    First thing I did was download a Windows 10 boot file onto a USB. I go through Repair Your Computer and all that until I get to trouble shooting. When I go to command prompt, right after i type in "Bootrec /rebuildbcd" and I type A (for all), it tells me "The requested system device cannot be...
  11. C

    Can't access or clean SD card

    So, I'm fairly certain I corrupted my microSD card because I forgot to eject it in my settings before physically ejecting it. No biggie, I didn't have anything important on it, but now I want to clean it by using the diskpart + clean command on my laptop. Issue is, when I run Command Prompt on...
  12. T-dog

    Using terminal on mac os x to find password through keychain

    Hi, I'm trying to get a specific password through key chain but am having trouble because the password I am looking for is associated with two different things. one being an older password, and one being the newer. I am trying to find the password of the newer one, but it keeps giving me the...
  13. F

    Programs freeze and I can't force close them

    I've been having this problem recently where a program freezes/stops responding (it was Chrome before, but it happened with Discord as well) and I have to close it using the task manager. Upon force closing it, it creates a background process with the same name and icon and all. This process is...
  14. SiCo

    SLMGR Comm Prom Problem

    Hi, what's been taking the fun out of things for me is when I run 'slmgr /dli or dlv' I get slmgr.vbs opened in my notebook, instead. OK, it's not a million miles away but it's not what I'm after so I was hoping someone could shed a bit of light on the matter for me. Thank you in advance, I'll...
  15. E

    Trouble following command prompt instructions

    Hey everyone! I'm not very familiar with troubleshooting issues on Windows, so please forgive my ignorance. I'm trying to run a Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 build, but some of the files are incompatible due to issues with Intel Visual Fortran Compiler. I have installed the latest version of...