1. M

    MY Windows is again and again crashing

    Hi, I have a desktop Pc: Config: i5 6400 Ram: HyperX 16Gb DDR4 2133mhz GPU: Quadro K620 Hard drive: WD 1TB barracuda OS: Windows 10 Professional Problem: I have tried many many times different windows to install. but after 4-5 days I don't know why it's crashing or corrupting. I even cleaned...
  2. B

    Voice control/command software

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for voice control software that will be capable of the following : Assigning certain words to certain keys and keyboard shortcuts. Basically, I want to control certain actions in Vegas Pro with my voice via my headset. For instance, if I say 'cut' it should activate...
  3. mohittomar13

    How to batch copy files from one folder to another

    hi all.!! Actually, I want to help my elder cousin brother this time. He has been given a task to create a new folder and copy about 1600 photographs from a folder that contains about 3700 photographs. He has a list of the file names that he need to copy in a separate *.txt file. He can do it...
  4. LuxyMunday

    Broken soundcard/driver caused fatal error

    Hi guys I'm hoping you can help. I am running Win8 and recently changed my speaker/audio settings to a non default driver, GUI or something from memory. My computer then glitched and had a fatal error and I can't get it back up, this driver or soundcard is broken. I can't load Windows or...
  5. crcook84

    Configuring Isilon IQ 9000i servers

    We acquired some Isilon servers. I’m sure some of you know about the Dell PEs I posted about. These Isilons appear to be around the same timeline. However, these Isilons are still functional (at least the one I’m trying to learn from is). The main thing about it seems to be that it works on a...
  6. D

    Google Chrome social media sites alerts, getting to it

    Google Chrome has some tricks... Facebook and other social sites may offer alerts through Chrome web-browser, I wonder how to get to the settings page of those. What should I input into address bar to get to it? ...this method.