1. A

    Local area connection driver issue

    hi, i own a compaq presario cq5500y pc that is (regretably) still running windows 7. it's having issues with its local area connection driver. i have followed all of the steps that windows help provided me, but almost all of them require me to connect to the internet... which is the only thing i...
  2. geno368

    Presario laptop boots about 1 time in 15 attempts

    This is a presario cq61 running Windows 10 home. It has 3 gb ram and I have updated the bios to the latest one (F15) I have completely formatted this pc in November back to the original Windows 7 and then updated to the Windows 10. All updates have been done from Windows and virus scans have...
  3. L

    What Graphics Card Can My PC Use?

    My PC is kinda old but still has decent specs. I would not be using it for hardcore gaming just want some descent graphics that will boosts its performance for low demand games (ie League of Legends). My PC is a HP Compaq 8100 Elite SFF with the specs as follows. Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5...
  4. SarahSayers


    Hi Guys, I have just found a Compaq presario V4000 running on windows XP. When I try and start it I get an error message saying media test failure, check cable for realtek. I don't have a windows disc. The error code is PXE-E61 and PXE-M0F
  5. K

    Solved Linux Mint 18 on Compaq Pres. C500

    Hey guys, I happened to get my hands on a Compaq Presario c500 laptop and I switched to Linux Mint Cinnimon 18 Sonya. I need a working Wireless Driver but I have no luck actually looking for one. Can anyone help please?
  6. F

    PCI and Ethernet Driver on Windows ME

    Hello, I recently received a Compaq Presario 1700 running Windows ME. It is able to boot but i get two recource conflict errors at boot and an Ethernet error at startup 1.) ERROR Resource Conflict - PCI Network Controller on Motherboard Bus:00, Device:09, Function:00 ERROR Resource...
  7. J

    Problem with PSU (for Compaq SR1360)

    hi, There have been a few times where a power cut has caused my PC to not switch on again, instead a blinking light appears on the back of the PC although I have managed to get it working again the few times this has happened. However when working, i'll leave the PC to do something (e.g...
  8. MiharuRokujo

    Cmos And Bios

    I have a Compaq Presario Running windows 7 Home premium i change the operating system some times to i changed it to windows 7 this time anyways everything was working just fine windows 7 would start up normally and everything but i did have a problem with the bios or cmos one day i just turned...
  9. I

    Loading Drivers for Compaq Presario CQ-58

    Recently, I downgraded my Windows 10 laptop to Windows 7 due to parents being familiar to Windows 7. It all went fine and is now set up. However, I have found that neither the Wireless Network Card, The Ethernet or the USB ports have drivers installed and their is not way for me to install them...