1. JanicePh

    Intel Desktop

    Issue: Powered up system and just before loading OS it shuts down as if power is cut. Power up again and system cuts off in 15 seconds. Power up again and shuts off in 5 seconds. Replaced power supply. Sounds like it may be an over heating condition...
  2. B

    Specs not working HELP

    I build a pc for 2k few days ago and im having problems with it The pc for some reason cant handle cs go, battleground and ark survival in high graphics even though i have top of the range specs such as i7, 16g ram, 4 effective cooling fans and a graphic card that costed 1k i forget the model...
  3. B

    Solved Monitor does not receive signals.

    Hi guys, I'm not too much of a tech savvy so I won't understand everything but I'd like to thank everyone in advance for any support I can get. Recently the PC that I built on mostly second hand components is failing to send signals to my monitor. Everything had been working perfectly for the...